About the Characters And Creators:

Contributors: Ironygirl, RedWarrington, JosephDaniels


Professor Mariachi (a.k.a. The Professor/Professor Poncho): Professor Mariachi is a divorced sessional lecturer at the University of Vancouver (UofV), in Vancouver, Canada. He is an Iro-Dutch Canadian with an unusual wardrobe, and even more bizarre teaching and research methods. He mostly teaches the social sciences, except when he feels the need to climb up on his soapbox and fill in the gaps the system leaves.

Yuki Yamamoto (a.k.a. Mariachi’s Lovely Assistant/The Teaching Assistant): Yuki is a 22yr-old former Japanese supermodel who left her agency for unknown reasons. Here on a work/study visa, she assists the Professor as co-worker, compatriot, voice of reason, confidante, and friend.

Meww (Professor Mariachi’s cat): Meww is a fluffy cat who is always up to mischief, and absolutely adored by Yuki.

Doctor Siesta (Professor Mariachi’s Rival): Dr. Siesta is always sabotaging the Professor’s work.

the Sentient Photocopier: Details coming soon.

Brian (Professor Mariachi’s Step-son): Details coming soon.

Officer Norman (The Campus Security Guard): Details coming soon.